Organic oils for a healthy happy you and a sustainable planet


Our oils are made with Soil Association certified Organic ingredients without chemical preservatives and aromas. They have been blended especially to nurture skin and hair whilst not using any chemicals that negatively impact the environment.

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Gardeners Oil

Gardeners oil is ideal for all the parts of the skin that get wear and tear (elbows, knees etc) but not enough tlc/p>

Organic naturally fragrant shaving oil.

Shaving oil

Shaving oil replaces soap giving a smooth and satisfying shave and the skin feeling refreshed.

Nourishing narturally fragrant hand oil

Hand oil

Hand oil revitalises the skin especially if it has become dry or chapped from outdoor work or dry weather

Beard oil

Beard oil

Beard oil is designed to nurture the beard hair keeping it soft and healthy

Shaving oil for women

Shaving oil for women

Womens shaving oil gives a smooth gentle shave and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and cared for.



Lovely oils and very nice natural fragrance

“Hats off to you guys for your super oils 

“Lovely to use, softens hands after a day in the garden

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